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MANA 298

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT Knowledge management is essentially about getting the right knowledge to the right person at the right time. Knowledge management is concern with storing and sharing the wisdom, understanding an expertise accumulated in an organisation about its processes, techniques and operations. Knowledge management is concerned with people and how they acquire, exchange and share knowledge as it is for information technology. Benefits of Knowledge Management • Helps the organization to know, what they know! i.e., what are the strong capabilities/ staff and facilities they have? • Helps the organization to identify the concentration areas and less populated areas of knowledge. • It helps the organization to collectively, share towards fulfillment of goals and objectives of the organization. • It also help find the current status of the organization as compared to the competitors. • Facilitates better, more informed decisions. • encourages the free flow of ideas which leads to insight and innovation; • improves customer service and efficiency; and • Leads to greater productivity. • More efficient question/problem handling 1 Knowledge Management Strategy (i) Codification Strategy Codification relies upon the explicit knowledge and is more focused on the sharing of knowledge mainly through reutilization of existing knowledge. Codification could perhaps be described as a “people-to-document” approach or
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