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SECTION A (COMPULSORY) George completed his bachelor’s degree four years ago at one of South Africa’s top universities, with HRM as one of his two majors. He was employed as an HR manager by one of the largest internet software companies in Africa, Soft Specials Dot Com that specialises in B2B network software. They have been in business since 1990, and with the boom in electronics especially in the software industry they have grown at a rate of 150 % per year. George has done so well in recruiting the right person for the right job in the right role that he was promoted to HR Director at the group head office six months ago. The labour turnover is only 2 %, which is actually alarming for George, but he knows it is because of their excellent remuneration packages and other benefits. They also promote internally and everybody knows that he or she will get rewarded if he or she works hard in the organisation. George has recently promoted one of his best candidates, Mthunzi, to fill his vacancy as HR manager. George has just been called in by the CEO to help Mthunzi, the new HR manager, at Soft Specials Dot Com. George was informed that the labour turnover had jumped up to 20 % in the last six months since he had been promoted. The very first thought that came into George’s mind was “Have I made a mistake by promoting Mthunzi to HR manager?” Customer demand to license Soft Specials Dot Com’s software boomed so much in the last 2 years that more than 80 new software programmers have been taken on to help develop a new range of software products. Soft Specials Dot Com’s growth has been so swift that the company still operates informally, its organisational structure is loose and flexible, and programmers are encouraged to find
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