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Emily Varto

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November 23, 2011
- Dionysus can represent darker side of the world
- People of Thebes worship Aphrodite  having sex and drinking
- By calling him a wizard = foreign
- Perfume= mark of wealth and luxury
- Dionysus goes against what is known as masculinity and played around with
younger girls
oGreeks see him as this flamboyant wizard
- Pentheus is the quiet floor  no parties and many rules
oCadmos warns Pentheus: Better be safe than sorry, just lie
oGets the warning but does not heed it
- Rejecting Dionysus is divine and what he is
- Pentheus turns into a voyeur by Dionysus  as a spy
oNeeds to dress up as a Maynad
- Double edged sword  divinity of gods
- Tear Pentheus apart and ride back to Thebes celebrating
- Dionysus appears in all his glory
- “Zeus my father agreed to all of this long ago”  alludes to Zeus role in fate
- Cadmos is punished as well for shitty advice  turned into snake
- Goddess of grain/cultivation/fertility/motherhood
- Important to areas of cultivation
- Persephone (Demeter’s daughter)  Kore = girl or female statues
- Eleusis is the place where Demeter stops her search for Kore
- Grieving for Kore’s loss  in the underworld
- Disguised as an old woman, taken in by Eleusis and the king and queen
oShe becomes the caretaker of the son
- To repay them she gives the son immortality
- Can be seen as a gift but also as a replacement for Kore
- Demeter reveals herself once the mother catches her holding the baby in the fire
oDemands to have a temple and sanctuary built for her
Locks herself away in the temple world cannot regenerate
- Kore stays down in the underworld for 3 months of the years
oEaten something in the underworld  attached
- Persephone has a role of fertility
- Pomegranate= fruitful  represents fertility (fruit)
- Like plowing a field

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November 23, 2011 ­ Dionysus can represent darker side of the world ­ People of Thebes worship Aphrodite  ▯having sex and drinking ­ By calling him a wizard = foreign ­ Perfume= mark of wealth and luxury ­ Dionysus goes against what is known as masculinity and played around with  younger girls o Greeks see him as this flamboyant wizard ­ Pentheus is the quiet floor  ▯no parties and many rules o Cadmos warns Pentheus: Better be safe than sorry, just lie o Gets the warning but does not heed it ­ Rejecting Dionysus is divine and what he is ­ Pentheus turns into a voyeur by Dionysus  ▯as a spy o Needs to dress up as a Maynad ­ Double edged sword  ▯divinity of gods ­ Tear Pentheus apart and ride back to Thebes celebrating ­ Dionysus appears in all his glory  ­ “Zeus my father agreed to all of this long ago”  ▯alludes to Zeus’ role in fate ­ Cadmos is punished as well for shitty advice  ▯turned into snake ­ Demeter
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