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Dalhousie University
CLAS 1100X
Emily Varto

November 9/2011 • Artemis and Medusa • Siphnian Treasury at Delphi – structures like small temple, many of the same features– houses the offerings from the city state- showing off their wealth by making such a temple • Temples were for the gods, but the temples were not just about the glorification of the god- there is also a human pattern to the temples- where do humans fit in • The top triangle part (pediment)and row below • Pediment- portrays the proper sizing – nothing is in proportion in temple of artemis- medusa is much bigger than everything else • Gods are allowed to be a bit taller than everyone else- not humongous- portrayed much higher but want to have their relationship look more natural looking • Theme of structure- Heracles and Apollo battle for oracle- tallest figure is Zeus- Heracles was refused a prophecy- the oracle refused to give him prophecy due to the crimes he had committed • Heracles take the tri-pod (stool the oracle sits on)- there is a tug o war between Heracles and Apollo – Zeus settles it with a thunderbolt • Pottery doesn’t really tell a story, it references a story or it is a tableau of the story or a snapshot- stories were so well known anyways- you could tell • Frieze- the row under pediment- snapshot of time- no running story- captures a moment of the story • Mythology= collection of important stories • Each side of a temple tells a different story-east side= scene from the Trojan( between Trojans and Greeks) war other side= gods chillin on mount olympus- Trojans were represented by East – referred to war against the east • Titaomachy- Zeus’ order vs giants who Gaia made to avenge the titans – when Zeus and gods wins- that means establishment of order is on top • Greece always had trouble with Persia in the East- start to separate from the East • Barbarism against civilization- disorder vs greeks- common theme • Theme: who is all powerful? • Secret police to keep Spartans in line- weird education system too • Athens was against Sparta in comparisons- freedom, but freedom mean opposite- democracy good order, but you lack all freedom • Temple of Zeus at Olympia 470-456 BC • Temple of artemis- 600 BC •
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