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ENGL 1040

February 24th History Created by Ian Fleming (1908-1964) Fleming served as British Naval intelligence officer, WWII Planning officer for covert intelligence team James Bond appears in Fleming's fist novel, Casino Royale (1953) Character appears in 13 more works…. LOOK IN SLIDES Casino Royale, the novel Le Chiffre: union financer; funded by the USSR Holds card game to recover union's money that he lost in investment in brothels Bond: British secret agent 007 (00 = licensed to kill status) Ordered to beat Le Chiffre in card game, to bankrupt him so Soviet's union will be forced to kill Le Chiffre Vesper Lynd: British agent assigned to work with Bond Turns out to be a double agent who sells out Bond to Le Chiffre, but falls in love with Bond, kills herself, and leaves a note explaining everything Major change between book and movie = politics (1960s to now) Page 25 in Brown book -- start of 2nd line -- "Have they been fighting for just cause…. There are other Le Chiffres….. Surround yourself with human beings…… We could lose such a wonderful machine." -- after Bond falls in love with Vesper Lynd Recognizes that there is possible happiness in the world -- question whether he can judge whether somebody is good or bad But goes back to old self the moment Vesper Lynd crosses him Need to see world as good and evil otherwise you are weak Machines that keep this world functioning by seeing world in pure evil or pure goodness Casino Royale, the 2006 film Le Chiffre: Terrorist banker Uses terrorist attacks to make money on the stock market holds card game to recover terrorist's money that he lost after Bond stops attack on place Not even fighting for a cause just for money Bond: British secret agent 007 Ordered to beat Le Chiffre in card game, to bankrupt him, so terrorists can't get their money back Vesper Lynd: British agent assigned to work with Bond Turns out to be a double agent who sells out Bond to Le Chiffre, but only because she is being blackmailed Bond = afraid of embodiment Characterization Stating the obvious: characters are not real people; they are words on a page Characters are often developed according to "character types" (e.g. the hero, the villain, the all- powerful professor etc.) Therefore, characters are used to represent something: characters can symbolize certain traits, or positions, or themes Bond is an icon Bond movies known for action, straight general meaningless sex between Bond and women, bond girls, opening title sequence, song that surrounds it, cars, gadgets/spy stuff Plot and main character ties all of these together Page 26-27 in Brown book - list What traits or larger ideals do the characters represent? Bond Manhood Fearless Charismatic Posh (?) Cunning Physically superior emotionless (cool) Uses women Drink Stylish Does not hesitate (ever) - never over thinks or even thinks Represents something superior and ideal Le Chiffre Greed Ruthless Calculated selfish Weak quick to anger Cheats Coward Vesper Lynd Emotional (Freaks out when he kills somebody -- takes a shower) Sentimental (necklace) Easy manipulated Loyal in some ways (loyalty to emotions for men) Cunning about people innocent (an innocent - unaware of some of the manipulations going on around her -- naive) Important clips Bond in black and white Starting of movie Why in black and white In the past - origin of James Bond as James Bond Stark, primary colors -- connoting that this is representing a situation i
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