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Roman Cultural Changes

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Dalhousie University
HIST 2090
Emily Varto

Monday November 1 2010Roman Cultural Changes 200100The bringing of Greek ideas into Rome Roman xenophobiaRomulus and Remus foundersDescended from AeneusGoing back to TrojansoAeneusas seen in Homers Iliad oThe idea that Rome has a connection in its founding to the Greeksndo2 century BC oHomeric hero adopted as the Roman founding figureoGreeks stories were culturally dominantonly two people had coherent narrativesthe Greeks and the JewsHad a story and sense of their past that they told in certain waysJews werent as culturally dominantoAs Rome began to rise they needed to understandjustify their pastoWhy can we now rule the Greeks Found answers in the IliadoRoman mythology relies heavily on Greek mythologyFind their way into the Greek past through Aeneus destiny duty etcoMaking of historyRomans borrowed from the Greeks Italians borrowed from RomansThe idea of controlling your past controlling your history understanding your own storyUnderstanding of ones selfo200100Aeneus myth becomes more importantTrojansnot Greeks but apart of the Greek storyGreeks and Trojans already had a presupposed rivalrynot not Greek but antiGreekoRome was meant to rule because of their inherent Italian superiorityGreeks always felt that they were superiorAnyone not Greek is barbaricRomans felt they were superiorhonorable moderating better cultural valuesthGreeks ahead of the Romans 5 century is the blossoming of Greek culture in Athens hadnt developed philosophical traditionsoHad to make peace with the fact that the Greeks were ahead in art philosophy etcChanges in RomeRapid economic change and growthsocial changeDecline of the small citizen farmerlatifundia and slave labouroIncreased unemploymentfarmers losing on the gain of eliteoLack of small land ownersless military less people qualify for military service
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