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Lecture 6

INTD 1102 Lecture 6: Treaty Rights Then and Now

International Develop Studies
Course Code
INTD 1102
Wunker Erin E.

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Monday, January 25, 2016
Treaty Rights Then and Now
Treaties: What are they?
-treaties: solemn agreements that set out long standing promises, mutual obligations
and benefits of both parties
-peace and friendship treaties: the important historical documents that can be
viewed as the founding documents for the development of Canada
-the treaties of peace and friendship were signed with the Mi’kmaq, Maliseet and
Passamaquoddy First Nations prior to 1779
-it was not recorded that the Indigenous lived here many years back
-at the time of contact, which was not a specific time, more of a slow process, started
when the migrant fisherman began coming seasonally
-the Europeans brought more than world views to the Indigenous
-the Europeans brought many foreign viruses which killed of entire groups of
Indigenous people
First Time Contact Effects
1. Viruses and death spread
2. Exchange between each other creating trade relationships
3. Dependancy on Europeans due to the new access to tools such as knives
-treaties emerged for two main reasons
for trade, in order to establish formal trade relations
for allies, in order to establish formal ally relations
Building Allies
-the British wanted to build allies
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