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Lecture 9

MUSC 2018 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Bootsy Collins, Chord Progression, The Beach Boys

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MUSC 2018

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February 2, 2015
Musc 2019
Aspects of Funk
Grows out of soul, late 60s into 70s
Emphasis on groove, low end sounds
On the one” James Brown
Melody instruments, voices used more percussively
Political, social commentary
Base is featured very prominently – Becomes the leading
instrument, as well as the drums. Guitar and Keyboard as well.
Fundamental groove is laid out by those instruments.
2 and 4, based on back beat.
Larry Graham, Sly & Family Stone
Bootsy Collins, James Brown Band
Bootsy Collins, Parliament/Funkadelic
Chord progression:
oMinimal chord progression
oMore so vamping  one or two chords, more focused on
rhythm as opposed to harmony based music.
oEven the guitar strings are covered up to hear the rhythm
rather than the chord.
oDo extended advanced harmonies from jazz music, they
are playing and using chords, but less. Everyone is bringing
their rhythmic side to the forefront.
oDanced based music  Beatles, Beach Boys etc.
BBC Dancing in the Street
James Brown
Nick name: Godfather of Soul
Most hard working man in show business
Di;cult to work with, expected the best and wanted the best
Everyone wanted to work with and for him as he has a good
reputation for having great bands
“I Feel Good” - transitioning into funk
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