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NURS 2000
Adele Vukic

Application of Therapeutic Communication Skills in Nursing The conduct of the nurse in relationship with the client:  Is an enactment of professional caring  Creates trust  Supports achievement of health goals Grounded theory: identifying patient participation in care; five different hospitals Results:  Interpersonal procedure  Therapeutic approach  Focus on resources  Information Boundaries: Interperpersonal limits on what is acceptable behaviour (p. 95) Professional Boundaries: structures imposed by legal, moral and professional standards of nursing that respect nurse and client rights (p. 95) Helping/Social Realtionships Helping Social Who is responsible Who is responsible Purpose Purpose Termination Termination Focus Focus Nature Nature Choices Choices Self Disclosure Self Disclosure Understanding Understanding Continuum of professional Involvement Under involvement Over Involvement Structuring the therapeutic interview 1. Introduction 2. Opening 3. Body 4. Closing 5. Termination The “therapeutic relationship”: therapeutic use of self Healing presence 1. Authenticity: Self-awareness  Understanding personal values  Recognizing your own vulnerabilities 2. Engagement: Empathy 3. Empowerment The “therapeutic relationship”: characteristics: For purposes of this review, nurse-patient relationship is defined as those practices which nurses and patients carry out in order to interact with each other. The therapeutic nurse-patient relationship is defined as practices which take place in the context of a nurse and patient engaged with each other, working collaboratively to foster the health goals of the patient. 1. Engagement (empathy) 2. C
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