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NURS 2050
Cynthia Barkhouse Mckeen

Antiepileptic Meds Phenytoid- dilantin Carbamazepine- Tegretol Valproic Acid- VPA Benzodiazepines MOA: blocks Na channels, MOA: similar to dilanton, blocks MOA: thought to be blocking, Na, MOA: ↑ GABA (inhibitory), prolongs the inactivated state, Na channels. Ca, ↑ GABA (inhibitory) allows influx of cl, which blocks the rapid firing neurons ** is an autoinducer (can speed up decreases AP’s its own metabolism) - is highly protein bound T ½ first dose: 40 hrs, second Antidote: Flumazenil dose: 15-20 hrs ** starts out as first order (drug elimination is proportional to amount of drug left in body), but then ends up zero order (not proportional) - is an enzyme inducer (speeds up effects of other drugs) - is metabolized by CYP450, so other drugs can increase/decrease effects Side effects: Side effects: Side effects: Side effects: 1. Gingival hyperplasia 1. CNS: dizzy, drowsy 1. GI 1. CNS depression 2. CNS: nystagmus (eye 2. Skin RX: steven Johnson 2. Hepatotoxicity 2. Amnesic flickers), sedation,
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