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Drugs for Systemic Fungal Infections.docx

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NURS 2050
Cynthia Barkhouse Mckeen

Drugs for Systemic Fungal Infections Polyene Azole Conjugated double bonds, broad spectrum, All are toxic!! Have an azole ring, broad spectrum MOA: binds competitively to ergosterol (in fungal CM, not humans), MOA: Azoles inhibit the conversion of lanosterol to ergosterol (which ↑ perm/ leakage of K = cell death (also toxic to us b/c it binds to sterolis needed in the CM). Without ergosterol, there is ↓ membrane fluidity, in ours, but it binds better to ergosterol). ↑ permeability/leakage of K, inhibited cell growth/replication 1. Amphotericin B: Amphoterrible! **only for toxic fungals 1. Imidazoles: topical infections, tinea Broad spectrum Ketoconazole: needs acidic environment (least desirable) IV only Side effects: Side effects: 1. Infusion RX: phlebitis, fever, chills, edema 1. Impotence, ↓ libido 2. Nephrotoxic: IN ALL PATIENTS, dose dependent 2. Gynecomastia (sterols are similar to hormones) 3. Bone marrow suppression 3. Toxicity to humans (affects the cholesterol) Drug interactions:
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