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Psychosocial care to patients with cancer and families.docx

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NURS 2280
Shauna Houk

Lecture 2 Part 2 Providing Psychosocial Care to Patients with Cancertheir FamiliesProviding Psychosocial Careactively listennot being be the expertgiving the person permission tonot taking take over the conversation talk about whatever they need to talknot jumping with your suggestions abouthelping sort thru thingsletting them set the moodlead themaintaining hope wayhelping keep their sense of well giving them time to tell their story beingselfesteemselfworth assist with identifyingprioritizingreducing distress when you can concernsacknowledging helpful coping being authentic if you are planningoffering suggestions hopefully what you want to say next that is not proven authenticinform of resourcesletting the person have their feelings identifyinglabeling emotionsnot belittling their feelingsletting them know you aredont ignore or change subject comfortable discussing difficulthelp me understandtopicsnormalizing acknowledgingoffering strategies to manage distress validating the persons feeling fearsrecognizing supportingand concerns promotingthe persons ability toassisting in exploring the issues achieve goals that will enhancedhelping sort out their own problems wellbeing Coaching guiding facilitatingNot Psychosocial Supportbeing the expert on their feelings and concerns they are the expertproviding answers solutionswantingtofix their problems for them trying to make everything all bettertell them how to make it bettertalking too much 18 seconds is the average to interrupt but pts need 190 secondsbeing culturally insensitive assuming Best lesson shut up and listen moreIn providing psychosocial care are you expectations realistic Often it is not the giving of information that is your interventionit is being therelisteningbeing present letting them talksort things throughcreating an environment where personprovide the opportunity to talk about feels comfortable to discuss their fears their situation to review what is feelingsconcerns happeningdiscuss their experience initiating the conversationissues
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