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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Dalhousie University
PHIL 2170
Letitia Meynell

De Sousa and Morgan 'Philosophy Sex and Feminism' - 3 senses of sex ○ Gender sex-recall fausto-sterling ○ Erotic sex-recall christina, nagel, solomon, moulton and goldman ○ Sex politics - usually considered in isolation from the other two senses but in fact deeply related to them (abortion rights) - They didn’t talk about sex politics with gender sex or erotic sex and de sousa and morgan believe you HAVE to look through sex politics to make appropriate assumptions about gender and erotic sex. Feminist philosophy is fundamentally about sex politics 3 reasons it's hard to talk about sex; 1. Social practices (including sexual practices) tend to appear obviously natural. Especially to those who are enjoy positions of privilege in those practices. 2. Privacy of sex means we don’t talk about it in serious ways, but when we do talk about it our language reveals troubling assumptions 3. Our most common euphemism is gender-corruption. Sexual intercourse properly used would mean something very gender. Erotic Sex and the Human Person 3 models of sex (this is familiar now) - Orthodox polar model ○ Two parts of a person; spiritual, which is higher, material (appetitive) which is lower (always trying to control it) - Inverted puritanical model ○ Two parts of a person ; Eros is higher - Pansexual model ○ Sex is the motivation f
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