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PHIL 2170
Letitia Meynell

Thursday, April 3, 2014 2:39 PM May and Strikwerder, "Men in Groups Collective Responsibility for Rape" - Context and motivation (1996) ○ Their own experience growing up ○ The use of rape as a weapon of war § Soldiers ordered to rape the women in towns they were taking over § Now considered a war crime/weapon of war ○ The white ribbon campaign § Murder in L'ecole Polotechnique; put women on one side, men on other and shot the women (killed about 15 women) § Campaign started by men to show they supported anti-feminist, sexual and abusive violence, etc. - Thesis ○ "We will argue that insofar as male and socialization in groups contributes to the prevalence o rape in western societies, men in those societies should feel responsible for the prevalence of rape and should feel motivated to counteract such violence and rape. In addition, we will argue that rape should be seen as something that men, as a group, are collectively responsible.." Structure of the argument - Consider five views of responsibility for rape Show four of them are inadequate § Only the rapist is responsible § No one is responsible- its biological for men § Men and women are equally responsible § Patriarchy is responsible - men are higher socially therefore this is patriarchy at fault - Also make a positive argument for the fifth § Men are collectively responsible 1. Only the rapist is responsible Ex. Mike Tyson - being brought up in a male dominated and violent world is no excuse. Only the perpetrator is to blame. ○ He has a rough childh
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