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PHIL 2810
Kristin Borgerson

March 5th, 2013 March-05-13 9:58 AM One of the 5 sample questions will be on the midterm Explain what commercial surrogacy is, and whether it is permitted in Canada. Describe the two main concerns with commercial surrogacy considered in class. Explain one slippery slope argument that might be used to make a case against commercial surrogacy  Commercial surrogacy is the act of paying a woman to carry a baby through pregnancy for you. It differs from altruistic surrogacy in the sense that there is payment involved, in altruistic there is not, and often done by a close friend or family member as a favour to someone.  One concern involves the exploitation of women who may be desperate for money by richer people. Something 'priceless' is received for a moderate payment, therefore it is a case of exploitation  Slippery slope argument could end in slavery for example. Steinbock  Sees surrogates more as stuntwomen then they do as a comparison to kidney donors  Thinks payment should only be allowed for medical expenses, and the compensate for the discomfort, and need to be very carefully structured  So as long as you're paying for the labour involved, and not the actual baby then it is ok with a carefully structured contract Enhancement  What sorts of genetic enhancements, if any, would you have wanted your parents to choose for you? o Would the enhancements really be a benefit to the child, or to satisfy the lost dreams of the parents? o Doesn't seem to really be a finite end to how much smarter would people want to be, physically capable, ect.  What sorts of non-genetic enhancements did your parents choose for you? o Preschool, toys, vaccination, ect. Treatment vs. Enhancement (glannon)  Treatment/therapy = an inte
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