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Poli Sci 2300- United States

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Political Science
POLI 2300X
Peter Arthur

Monday October 4 2010United StatesPolitical SystemAmerican Governments personalityoRepublicall government officials elected or appointed by elected officialsoFederationConstitution divides roles of stateoSeparation of powersJudiciary Legislative ExecutiveoChecks and balancesNo violations of powerPolitical SystemFew othersoPolitical system presidential systemoRegime history representative democracy Declaration of Independence 1776 Constitution 1787oExecutive presidentoLegislature Bicameral Upper House Lower HouseoJudiciary Supreme CourtoParty System Two major partiesConstitutionCentrepiece of political system blueprint by which the US is governed Four functionsoOutlines the structure of governmentoDistributes power among branchesoDistributes power between fedstatesoDescribes limits on powers of government Bill of RightsConstitutional amendmentrigorous twostate processProposed by 23 of both houses of Congress of 23 state legislaturesRatified byof state legislaturesExample thousands proposed 33 got Congress support 27 ratifiedWhy limited amendmentsoTwo Reasons 1 The original constitution was very well written 2 Political disagreements have made it difficult to make any changesThe ExecutiveThe PresidentoMost powerful or restrictedCheckedby the Constitution and CongressPresidential power on two factorsoAbility to persuadeoAbility to build coalitions insideoutside Congress
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