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Poli Sci 2300 - Political parties in context of the developing world

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Political Science
POLI 2300Y
Peter Arthur

Monday February 28 2011Political Parties in the context of the developing worldIntegrative functioncan be used as an instrument of integration and nationbuilding Ex Nigeria1979 Constitutionin order to prevent a situation where parties are based on marginalized cleavages parties must have a national character Government wanted to promote a more broadbased approach to party representationGrant legitimacy to government and hold government accountable Opposition parties serve as alternatives to the party in power Becomes a means for the government to look out for the interest of the peoplebecomes accountable because of the presence of an oppositionLegitimacy Political parties grant legitimacy to governments Mandate to the people ie elections Becomes an instrument of patronage distribution A huge influence of who gets what if youre not a member of a political party thenPolitical parties become avenues for rewarding supporters and undermining those who dont supportElite recruitment Grassroots level from which people are initially recruited for the purpose of l
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