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Poli Sci 2300 - Media

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Dalhousie University
Political Science
POLI 2300Y
Peter Arthur

Monday January 17 2011What does do the media do Role of media in political spheresthMedia seen as the 4 EstateOther threeChurch Nobility land owning classes ordinary people of societythHistorically can be traced to print media15 centuryTheories of the Media1Liberal interpretation of the mediaComes from classical rule of the media being an institution acting as a check on the government A function of a liberal democratic system Based on the notion of individualism having institutions in place acting to balance check out the government2Marxist interpretation of the mediaPropaganda media run by big business Nothing more than an instrument of big business a reflection of the interests of the dominant groups of society Ties into the fact that media manufactures consent through skewing information propaganda etchelps sway popular opinion Cynical 3Social responsibility model of the mediaBasically states the media is nothing more than an instrument that advances the interests of big business Basically advocating a system of media that tries to hold government accountable Similar to corporate responsibilityadvances the interests of the ordinary people as opposed to big business Offers an alternative viewpoint with a wide range of perspective
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