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Poli Sci 2300 - Interest Groups

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Political Science
POLI 2300Y
Peter Arthur

Monday January 24 2011Interest GroupsWhat are interest groupsGroups which seek to influence politics Differ from political partiesone main goal Unelected Political parties want to be elected so they can exert influence Influence groups do not seek to take over reigns of power rather influence government in powerIn democracies interest groups play a more pervasive role In developing countries interest groups are more controlledTheories of Interest GroupsPluralismA function of established democracies traced to the liberal tradition influenced by John Locke John Stuart Mill Individual should be the focus of analysis free from oppression right to express yourself etc Need from decentralized form of government to prevent concentration of power ex Through a federal system or local government structure Need for a system of checks and balances in a political environmentDimensions of Pluralism1Pluralists believe in diversity of opinions viewpoints etc 2Once individuals have a particular int
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