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Poli Sci 2300 - Media Continued

Political Science
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POLI 2300Y
Peter Arthur

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Media Cont’d
Why is media important in public life?
Political socialization is the process by which individuals acquire their political
values, attitudes, information, and opinions
It is the process by which society passes on its basic values or political culture
from one generation to another
Four traditional agents – family, school, peers, mass media
Political parties, religions, groups of various kings, corporations, think thanks,
government itself, are secondary influences
Role of Media
Mass media play an important role in developing and maintaining a public space
for political discourse
From the first community newspapers to the era of satellites and the Internet,
communication systems and policies to regulate media remained central to any
political process
We spend a high proportion of our leisure time with the media
Media help set the agenda and the vocabulary for political debate
Mass media thus are important definers of the ideas and images that have political
Media have social and political importance and are a multibillion dollar industry
oEx. Rupert Murdoch
oDo they reflect social issues/vital issues? Emphasis on stories for their
own causes? Reflect interest of advertisers; does not focus on substance
but rather style
Their business is primarily attracting audiences to whom advertisers can sell their
While informing and entertaining us, and capturing our attention in order to
increase their market share, …
Although media content is influenced by cultural, social and economic factors,
media organizations have high degree of independent influence on what we read,
see and hear
Media managers have considerable influence on the beliefs and perspective
presented to us [gatekeepers]
Media known as 4th estate – which influences the government of a country
oDoes mass media work the same in different categories of countries? Or
the same?
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