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PSYO 2000
Simon Gadbois

Exam: Lab report, no longer than an hour. Ethics.APAformat. Particular attention to where it over laps. 30-40 questions, multiple choice and short answer. RM stuff too. If you want to see papers, make appointment Abstract – needs to be 250 words Intro – when you review lit, you need to make sure they sync together and make sense with your research objectives and hypothesis. Cite all info you use, even general ideas. There are lots of articles and text books. FIND THEMAND CITE!! Define all of the terms as well. Method section (not Methods) – need to include number of people, what language, and where things were obtained. You need to be giving enough detail to replicate study. Results – Only include findings found by you! Significant only means statistical. Results use figures. Discussion – needs to be long. Don't rush it. Need to restate hypothesis. Need to discus results!! Do no include statistics or figures or numerical results. Compare to the past lit that you outlined in the intro. Talk about how your results added to what researchers already know? How will it impact people? What implications might this have? Take what you know and extend it practically. Sell your research as if you're trying to market a project. You don't need subheadings (“Conclusion”). You need to be creative with your limitations, even look for research. The discussion is also future research. You need to give precise examples of how the research could be extended.At the very end, you need to give a summary statement of the study, wrap it up, closing paragraph. NEED TO PROOF READ! Figure should be inArial, title for figure should be in regular font. Plagarism – You ALWAYS need to paraphrase and cite, not just quote. You can present the demographics in a table or format. Must figure out what is important on this slide. Inter-item reliabilities – given as a number (alpha=number). “The reported inte
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