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Lecture 8

PSYO 2470 Lecture 8: motivation 2

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PSYO 2470
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Lecture 12: Motivation 2 Why do we eat Feeding as a response to drive reduction o Reducing hunger drive o Fueling need a certain amount of energy Why do we overeat o CCK Released from small intestine into vagus nerve has inhibitory effect on feeding o Stomach has mechanoreceptors that can detect distention of stomach walls Connects to vagus o Ghrelin Released from stomach when stomach is empty Released under times of low food o Stimulates feeding o NPYAgRP In the hypothalamus stimulate feeding o aMSHCART In hypothalamus inhibitory effect on feeding o Overeat when we ignore biological signals If something is delicious, dont listen to satiety signals Somatic responses have lots to do with actual feeding voluntary control o Food seeking and ingesting behaviour is under voluntary control o Motivation and reinforcement Food is a strong reinforcer Reinforcement increases the chance of a behaviour happening again Can develop life long habits based on the consequences of our actions Thorndikes law of effect The consequences of behaviour increase of decrease the likelihood of that behaviour being repeated o Takes less time to do a behaviour that is enforced learning curve More experience learning a behaviour, the faster we do it Electrical self stimulation Experiment hook up a rat to an electrode that can activate neurons o Allow animal to stimulate themselves Mesocorticolimbic dopamine system Most successful selfstimulation point of the brain Cell bodies originate in ventral tegmental area (VTA) contains dopamine o Project to various anterior targets Basal forebrain Prefrontal cortex Dopamine neurons from VTA project to nucleus accumbens o Anatomicalyl close to striatum o NA involves in motivaton planning
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