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Lecture 13

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PSYO 3280
Dr.Simon Sherry

Wednesday, Oct 10 2012 PSYO 3280 Personality Psychology Principle 1 Evolution and Human Nature → Human nature = adaptation for survival and reproduction - Our main evolutionary purpose in life is adaptation → All humans are products of evolution (we are like all others) - We are results of evolutionary processes that occurred over time → Natural Selection: Characteristics that increase survival (adaptation) and reproductive success in environment have advantage - Introduced by Darwin - Nature/evolution selects characteristics/genetic mutations over time that increases your chance of evolutionary survival and reproductive success → Genetic Transmission: Replication and mutations → People engage in behaviours that replicate genes. Selfish gene (Dawkins) → “Genes ‘try’ to spread themselves by wiring animals’ brains so that animals love their kin and try to keep them warm, fed, and safe” (Pinkser, 1997) → Can protect self and kin - Will protect those related to you  Because some of your genes are carried in family members, in a way, your genes will be passed on by your kin → Inclusive Fitness: Maximize replication of genes that designed organism - A measure of your ability to reproduce your genetic material through yourself or relatives → Social life helped humans survive and reproduce - Cooperation, care, attachment, friendsh
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