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Lecture 19

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PSYO 3280
Dr.Simon Sherry

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 PSYO 3280 Personality Psychology Possible Selves Markus & Nurius → What is possible for you? → Positive-negative; past, present, future - General descriptors - Physical descriptors - Life-style possibilities - General abilities - Occupational possibilities - Other-related possibilities → All individuals have possible selves and they can reflect on them → We have an ability to look into the past and that helps motivate you now - Even if that’s not exactly how it happened, how you imagined it affects your current behaviour → Possible selves: Individual’s ideas (ideal) of - What they might become - What they would like to become - What they are afraid of becoming 1. Incentive for future behaviour → Possible selves are incentives for future behaviour - Your understanding of what’s possible and what’s likely motivates you with incentive 2. Evaluative and interpretive context for current view of self → Possible selves provide a context of additional meaning for the individual’s current behaviour; possible selves furnish criteria against which outcomes are evaluated - When you perform some activity (ex. Doing an assignment and getting a grade back) look at current behaviour and assess that behaviour on what you expect it to be  One student gets a 90%, isn’t happy with it, another student gets a 50%, and they are so happy, the fact of the grade, isn’t the issue, the grade makes sense to the person based on their goals and such, what the individuals goal is gives meaning to the example of the grades  Making sense of the behaviour → Possible selves are inventive and constructive (individualized) but also socially determined and constrained → What they did was some research and got 210 males and females to report on their self- concept and to tell what is possible of them - Interesting: virtually all respondents thought it was possible for them to be rich, admired, a good parent, well traveled - Almost done thought they could be a janitor, prison guard, welfare recipient, child abuser → People who are depressed are better at representing reality than people who aren’t  healthy people are very optimistic → Freud: we all go through stages, but how each of us deal with it depends on how it works out for us (adaptations) → Personology = science of persons - A way of studying persons in which we do things in a way, at least fits within the way of science - The study of persons has some sort of scientific value
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