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Lecture 20

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PSYO 3280
Dr.Simon Sherry

Friday, Oct. 26 2012 PSYO 3280 Personality Psychology Personality and Narrative Sigmund Freud → Unconscious motivations, but interprets lives without concern for patient’s narrative. Ego defense, repression, resistance. - What makes you tick and what drives you is something that you probably do not know about / are not aware of. - There’s a potential danger. If you’ve been living a life and you know there’s some issues and you don’t know where these issues come from, Freud would ask you a bunch of question about what you think, even though he doesn’t care because he thinks that you do not know, he’s figuring out deep connections and understandings. Will tell you certain things are a sign of your defense mechanisms underlying feelings - Examples  Dora: repressed sexual motives  Famous case that Freud studied (p.699). was sent to Freud for therapy. It seemed that what was going on was that Dora was given to the husband of the cheating wife as a way for him to deal with what was going on. Dora didn’t want to deal with the husband and went to Freud for help. Freud said that she had an issue with her father and that’s why she is repressing her sexual motives. Freud thought his narrative was right and felt Dora should have went with Freuds interpretation of what was going on rather than her own.  Leonardo: speculation beyond evidence  Freud tried to explain Leondrdo’s development and behaviour, and why he painted the Mona Lisa. The smile in the Mona Lisa is what is of particular interest. Because of the smile, Freud directed the attention to the oral stage stating Leonardo had these issues and needed someone to replace the issues he had while breastfeeding so he created the Mona Lisa with the “enchanting” lips to change the representation of Leonardo’s mother.  Problem with the psychobiography went wrong at the beginning with the wrong translation of a key word. → Led to ego psychology’s focus on individuals self-interpretation - Elaborated Freud’s theory and gave the ego more control. Henry Murray → Personology studies long unit/whole life; person is “time-binding” organism. Freudian influence. TAT methodology. - We as the ‘I’ pull together in time (past, present, future) various experiences that we’ve had. → Examples
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