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Lecture 8

PSYO 3092 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Visual Cortex, Depth Perception, Visual Acuity

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PSYO 3092
Mark Jaime

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Tuesday, October 8 2012
PSYO 3092
Early Development
Perceptual Development
Learning Objectives for Chapter 5
What is the function of perception? Instinct blindness?
Early competencies in perception
Prenatal perception
Postnatal perception
Intermodal perception
Sight restoration in adults
Critical periods in visual development
The Function of Perception: Adaptive Behaviour
Perception allows us to behave sensibly in the world with respect to our
survical and our reproductive interests
-Allows us to see things that are adaptive to us
Instinct Blindness: Our inability to appreciate the complexity of our mental
processes because they seem automatic and inevitable to us.
-Makes it hard to appreciate perception and hence the complexity of the
adaptations underlying vision
Aesthetics and Interest
-Our brain and visual system construct the things we see
Things are interesting or beautiful with respect to our
reproductive success – because they serve some adaptive
Colors are perceived by frequencies
-Light re6ects o7 of surfaces, that light is being transmitted to your
eyes in a certain frequency/wave length. Lower frequency shows
darker colors, higher frequencies show bright colors
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