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THEA 2011
David Nicol

October 31 Noh theatre Stage assistants -stage assistants sit beid the musicians -they bring on and adjusts props/costumes in full view of the audience Dramatic theory -Zeami Motokiyo was one of the main inventors of nh theatre -he wrote several treaties on how to write and preform noh plays -They were secret and intended only for his family of actors -they can be compared to Aristotle’s Poetics or the natyasastra -one of them “the three elements in composing a play” gives detailed guidelines on plot structure of Noh plays The 5 sequences 1. The waki’s introduction : 2. The Shite’s inruduction 3. Questions and answers 4. The shite changes 5. The shite dances -Zeami describes the 5 sequences that a noh play must include 1) The waki’s introduction -the waki enters down the bridge, he stands by the waki pillar -he introduces himself and the setting of the play -the word waki means “side character”, the waki is a stranger to the play setting -sometimes the waki is accompanied by friends they are called wakizuve -the waki in komachi at sekidera is the abbot, the two priests are his wakizure 2) the shite’s introduction -The shite enters down the bridge -or sometimes the shi
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