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Organizational Behaviour 1215 -ch 1 and 2.docx

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Business Management
BUSM 2200

Organizational Behaviour 1215 Ch. 1 How to Put People First - Working at the low-management (service) … ppl that provide service to customers  Provide employment security  Hire well  Create self- managed teams  Pay well  Provide extensive training  Reduce status differences  Share info about org. performance Systems Process -Resource Inputs > Transformation Process > Product Outputs and repeat cycle  Measure dollar value of what comes in to company and product brings in Effectiveness= Actual Output/ Expects Output  > or = to 1, good job Efficiency= Output/ Input Productivity= Specific Output/ Specific Input  this can be output per person, # of clients, revenue per salesperson Ch. 2 Perceptual Errors 1. Selective Perception – pay attention to things that aren’t important 2. Halo Effect- dressing up differently than normal for interview 3. Contrast Effect- when there are average ppl in room and someone 400lbs walks in.. making judgments/ assumptions 4. Projection- parents, “
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