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Lecture 5

Apostles of Modernity (lecture five - jun 7 2012).docx

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CMNS 1115

Jun 7 2012 Apostles of Modernity  American society is the 1920s from ads o ads were produced by specific types of people and reflects the values of the producers of the advertisers than the society of that time o people are still trying to figure out who the consumer is o you can’t look at an advertisement and critically understand the affects of the advertisement  you can’t read up on the effects on ads  all ads during the 1920s to the 1930s were fake, a lot of the things were useless. o there is a cultural context of the past ad that resonate with us today  the invitation to consumer participate o the key to understand ads of the past and current times o it’s all about the invitation of participating in what the advertisers want to do Jun 7 2012 Productive Capacity  places where things are made  the urbanizing / industrialization is just not better factory but also a new social order  the prolectarianization of society, everything is industrialized when a city is urbanized o therefore, when there is a large change in the market , economy and production ( industrialization) there is a large new social order  the transition from indsutrialization to capitalism is very violent and is tended to be forgotten  consumer product is an effective way in controlling the uprising of strikes  during the 1920s , you can get a lot of lower class people working slowly to ge
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