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CRIM 1116

The conceptual divisions of law Domestic law-the law of a single nation state International law-law that is ideally common to all nation states mediated by the UN and involves governance or accommodation of nations in relation to global treaties conventions and customs Substantive-the actual law as opposed to adjectival or procedural law substantive laws set out specific penalties for specific kinds of conduct by the public that is prohibited by statutes Procedural-sets out the process formalities or mechanisms for enforcing the law also referred to as lex fori, which means the law of the forum, or court in which a case is tried PUBLIC LAW: constitutional law, criminal law, administrative law, taxation law PRIVATE LAW-CONTRACTS, real estate, property family law, wills and trusts, torts company law, the law of agency patent law Public law-an area if aw that is primarily concerned with the public interests and the regulation of matters of collective rather than individual interests Private law- an area of law that responds to matters that are primarily of private interests a type of law that at least in theory regulates not so much the interests of the collective but primarily various economic relations among individuals and th
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