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CRIM 1125

Cesare Lombroso  Founder and most prominent member of Positive School  Interest in science, medicine and evolutionary theory led Ceasare Lombroso in search of atavistic criminal – a degenerate throwback on earlier forms of evolution  Subsequent positive school efforts focused on feeblemindedness, poor genes, criminal body type The Jukes  Study by Richard Dugdale.  Dugdale had limited schooling, became assistant sculptor, tried running manufacturing business, had nervous breakdown, became a sociologist  Dugdale observed young man (apparently feebleminded) on trial in court  Dugdale went back through generations, found petty thieves (never convicted), a murderer (not convicted), another who broke deaf person’s ear trumpet  Argued that entire family had criminal tendencies due to feeble-mindedness  Most “evidence” contrived or exaggerated 4 Main Approaches  General pedigree studies  Twin studies  Adoption studies  Karyotype studies General Pedigree Studies  Look at people who are related to each other, to see whether they behave in similar manner  Assume that children of parents who engage in criminal behavior are more likely to be criminals themselves, because they inherited their parents’ genes  If one brother is criminal, other brother should have higher chance
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