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John Updike “A&P” Study Guide Questions  The details that stood out that were particularly true to life were the difference aisles mentioned of the supermarket, like the deli and meat aisles. The closest detail was when he listed the categories of each aisle” cat-and-dog-food-breakfast-cereal- macaroni-rice-raisins-seasonings-spreads-spaghetti-soft-drinks-crackers-and-cookies aisle. The close attention to detail contributes to Sammy’s ability to analyze and draw out details of the three girls who enter the supermarket.  Updike draws Sammy as a regular colloquial teenager whose eye is caught by the three girls who walk into the supermarket wearing less-than-average clothing than the typical customers. Sammy’s detail to visuals helped him identify the attitudes and personalities of the three girls. He tries to show the heroic side of him by quitting his job to get the attention of the girls. This is not heroic at all because his intention is to get the attention of the girls. A true hero is humble and is internally motivated to help others, not externally motivated like Sammy, in order to get attention.  The part of the story that seems like the exposition is the part after Lengel enters the supermarket and is about to enter his room, Lengel says to the girls at the cashier, “Girls, this isn’t the beach.” The protagonist was introduced and background information necessary to understand and relate to the events were provided. Lengel was the person who liked to put an end to every celebration, meaning Sammy was about to celebrate the attention he began to receive from the girls. The value of the carefully detailed portrait of Queenie showed us Sammy’s infatuation for her. His male teenage mind drew these observations on an empty basis rather than true knowledge of her.  There is a change in Sammy’s feelings toward the girls. In the beginning, he perceived the girls as revealing, wearing only bathing suits to the supermarket seemed too less for people in
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