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ENGL 1128

Narration The narrative essay An essay structured around the relations of event or event The event(s) related can reflect a larger theme on purpose Differs from personal narration in that the event is not told from the perspective of the narrator (although the narrator can be involved) Personal Narration Personal perspective Defamiliarization Draws reader in Link between personal and national What does it mean to be Canadian for Laurence (167-68) Being connected with the land Not apart of the U.S. Immigrant A piece of writing relating a true event (or events) from the perspective of the writer of the essay Autobiographical: Offers insight into the author’s background, character and/or personality May use a personal story to reflect on a theme or idea Margaret Laurence (1926-87) Neepawa, Manitoba She wrote for school newspaper She narrated and went to Africa “Where the World Began” pg 164-169 From a 1976 collection of travel essays Personal Perspective Language defamiliarizes (puts you in a situation where you feel odd; makes us rethink our assumptions) Draws reader in to re-vising perspective “A Strange place it was, that place where the world began” pg 164 “The” World began is her world that began not ours Para
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