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Faults  Geologic structure along which displacement has occurred  Motion on all types of faults causes earthquakes (active faults)  Some faults (e.g., blind thrusts) have no surface expression  Includes two walls on an incline defined by miners as:  Foot wall, where miners put their feet  Hanging Walls, where they put their lanterns  Faults defined by the relative motion of footwall and hanging wall  Motion controlled by stress field Normal Faults: Hanging Wall moves down; divergence; tension stress  Divergent Boundaries Reverse Fault: hanging wall moves up; convergence; compressive stress Thrust Fault: Low angle Reverse fault;  Convergent Boundaries Strike-Slip fault: Vertical fault, lateral motion  Transform Boundaries  Sinistral (Left-Lateral)  Dextral (Right-Lateral) o Position yourself o
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