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Attraction, Love Biological & Sociobiological perspectives  Based on reproduction  1 egg vs. 1 million sperm Sociologist perspectives  Homophily: have contact with people who are equal in social status  Matching phenomenon: for men and women to choose as partners people who match then, that is, who are similar in attitudes, intelligence, and attractiveness  In a COMPAS poll study, more that 1/2 the participants reported meeting their partner through friends (33%), at school (12%), through family (3%), or religious settings (3%) Attraction  Is attraction all physical? o Male/female that go on more dates seem to be more attractive  We are what we do? o Male with jobs with higher pay are more attractive women  Importance of confidence o More physically attractive Attraction Online  Websites now have tens of thousands of personals ads  Educated, affluent, 20-to-40-years-olds  “Scientific” approach to pairing up  Technology forces you to focus on similar interests Dating in the Dark?  Forces you to focus on the person’s interests and values  Relational intimacy o Face-to-face vs. online… what do you think?  How do we communicate? Which ways are most mean
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