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Health Sciences
HSCI 1120

Contraception & Abortion Why use contraceptives?  Control health of baby and mother  Healthier when pregnancy is intended Avoiding Pregnancy  What’s the best way? o ABSTINENCE! o What does that mean?  Don’t do any genital touching  What’s the next best way? o Talking with your partner about what works for BOTH of you Hormonal Contraceptives Combination oral pill  Monophasic vs. triphasic pills o Monophasic – 21 days of hormone and its exact the same o Triphasic – 3 weeks, 3 different hormone/pills  Combination pills such as Yasmin and Alesse contain both estrogen and progesterone, are taken for 21 days then 7 days of placebo (or no pills at all)  Seasonale provides 84 days of hormones then 7 days of placebo so the woman gets her period only once in three months  3 ways it works o Ovulation o Cervical mucous (thickens so it’s hard for sperm to get through) o Endometrium (thins out, reduces length, creates less stable hostile environment for zygote) Combination Pill  Advantages include: o Effectiveness (99%) o Reduces cramps & menstrual flow  Disadvantages: o Cost – if not covered under medical plans o For women who only have intercourse once or twice monthly, may be contraceptive “overkill” o Effort to take them correctly o Possible side effects o Provides no protection against STI The Patch  Hormones are delivered transdermally (through skin)  Typical-user failure rate: <1 percent  Same hormones as in combination pills  Advantage o Do not have to remember to take a pill every day, only to replace every week  Disadvantages o Falling off Contraceptive Ring (Nuvaring)  Clea
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