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Body composition  Measurement of body size and proportions including skinfolds thicknesses, circumferences, bony widths and lengths, height, and body weight.  The two component model separate into fat and fat-free mass of which the body is composed.  The main compositions of fat-free mass are bones, muscle, organs, and connective tissues.  The four component model is composed of fat, protein, water, mineral.  to find a suitable body composition is important for health, establish reasonable fatness ranges for athlete in various sports, knowledge of bones in children and women, and monitor changes in body composition associated with diseases.  Essential fat is required for normal physical function. cell membrane, hormones and transport of fat soluble vitamins. Storage fat is fat stored in adipose tissue for energy supply purposes normally located beneath the skin.  Males on average is taller, stronger, and have lower total body fat content. Males have 12% body fat but only 3% essential fat. Females on the other hand have 15% body fat but they have 12% essential fat.  Male type obesity is when excess fat is stored on the upper torso - apple shape-  Female types obesity is when excess fat is stored below the waist in the thighs and hips -pear shape-  When a person have too much excess fat storage. This combine with diabetes is one of the largest epidemics in the world.  Adipose tissue was once thought to be a passive excess fat storage, now it is considered as a endocrine organ that secrete peptides that trigger changes in the body.  -decrease in physical activities -eating more food and decreasing physical fitness. -social environment- advertising, pressure from peers. -genetics -virus  Non-exercise activity thermo genesis is when a person is still moving outside of planned daily activities.  Direct methods of assessing body composition is by dissecting the body, indirect methods is other techniques that won't harm the living person.  The Height-Weight table with regards to the lowest death rates is predicted from the table. There are 3 problems, it don't consider body composition, the data gathered is from white middle class USA, and no accepted methods has been devised from determine frame size.  The old method of determining body density and volume measurements was the underwater method. The newer method is BOD POD method that repl
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