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KINS 2295

Cold Stress  -Radiation the exchange of energy waves emitted from one object and absorbed by another. -Conduction this occurs when two surface with different temperature are touching. -Convection happens when one of the media is moving as occurs with fluid or gaseous media. -Evaporation occurs when a liquid turns into a gas.  -the thicker the skin fold the more fat they have therefore they have more insulation compared to a lean person. -gender- even though females have more body fat compared to males, females have a larger surface area therefore they loss heat a lot faster than males.  Clothing help insulate body heat, however certain material that makes up the clothing have certain properties such as water repellent, wind resistance ect. However if the clothing gets wet they lose the ability to insulate body heat.  Hypothermia occurs when the core body temperate is below 35 degrees C at this stage the body will be shivering and pulling blood away from the surface of the skin to maintain a stable core temperature for vital organs.  During hypothermia the oxyhemo
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