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Motor Learning  It is a relatively permanent change in the performance level of a motor task as a result of practise.  A task that require voluntary movement of the body or limbs to perform a skill properly. This normally takes tones of practise.  -Production of an action with speed and high quality. -The appearance of smoothness and ease. -Ability to see play before it is made. -Reduction of time to make a choice after identifying the signal.  -The ability for the performer to understand directions, to judge the velocity of the ball in a complex field. -The state of the performer, if the performer is too nervous it will have an impact on their ability to perform well. -The number of hours put into the development of the skill. For example how many hours per day put on the skills. Practise make perfect.  -Based on precision of movement. -Based on distinctiveness of beginning and end point. -Based on the stability of the environment in which the skill is being performed.  Gross motor skill involve large muscle that deals with primary movement such as running, jumping, throwing it is in most sports. Precision is not as important than smooth coordination. Fine motor skill involve small muscle that deals with very detailed movement like writing that deals with high degree of precision.  Discrete motor kill is when there is a clear beginning and ending point of the movement for example throwing a ball. it can be a series of motor skill like dance routine. Continuous motor skill is when there is an arbitrary beginning and end point. This s when the performer or external force determine begin/end point.  Close skills is performed when the environment is stable meaning nothing is moving until the performer does something like wei
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