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KINS 2295

Muscular Strength  Muscular strength is the greatest amount of force muscle can produce in a single maximal effort.  Isotonic when the bony levers move through a range of motion to perform work. This contraction is divided into two type of contraction. Concentric contraction is when the muscle shortens. Eccentric contraction is when the muscle lengthens to produce force. Isometric contraction is when the muscle is contracting, but there is no change in the angle of the joint of the muscle. Isokinetic contraction is when the contracting muscle is moving at a constant velocity, therefore the person is exerting maximal force throughout the full motion.  The Nautilus Machine is a resistance device that changes as the joint goes through a range of motion so that the muscle is stressed more at more optimal joint angles. This machines help a person to experience isokinetic contraction.  One repetition maximum when a person will get a free weight and can only curl the dumbbell once. Dynamometer technique that test a person whole muscular strength with one test ex: hand grip. Computer-Assisted, Isokinetic methods uses high tech computers and machines to test the person muscular strength.  Hand grip dynamometric is a fast and inexpensive method to test a person muscular strength. However this is only for the general population, some people maybe process strong forearm, but they overall muscularity may be
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