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PHYS 1114 Lecture Notes - Ampere


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PHYS 1114

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Chapert 5- Energy
-a quantity
-can change
-can't be destroyed
-transferred from object to object
-uncondensed matter
-essential to all life
-measured in Joules (J)
The Energy of Motion: Kinetic Energy
-the energy due to motion of a mass(m) with a speed(v) is K=1/2mv2
*When you drop something: Kinetic Energy =mg (delta y)
Gravitation Potential Energy is the energy stored in the gravitational interaction
between an object and the Earth
-for an object of mass(m), at a vertical position(y), gravitational potential energy is
-where y must take up as positive
-you can choose where y=0
-for an object of mass(m), at a horizontal position(x), gravitational potential energy
is Ug=mgx
-where x must take right as positive
-you can choose where x=0
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