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Political Science
POLI 1100

Feminist solidary / Comparative feminist study,Democracy and Eduard Bernstein Feminist solidary / Comparative feminist study Historical connections between women of different cultures and communities Trans-border citizenship, connection to Ulrich Beck Need for cosmopolitan orientation towards politics A need for emphasis to build solidary in relation to the political movements across various “divisions of place, identity, work, belief and so on” We need to find ways to find allies with other men and women with other countries, through international organization B. Democratic Socialism I. General points: Economy as a key site of concentrations of power. Firm commitment to democratic politics. Some links to liberalism. Background Info:  Sought to make power limited and accountable  Basic democratic rights, chiefly voting rights and the right to run for office  Working people in most capitalist countries did not have the right to vote  Marx: revolutions may have to happen and may be violent because people don’t have political rights (they can’t exercise these rights through peaceful political platforms); they had no other choice  Started organizing around socialist parties II. A democratic socialist lineage 1. Roots in Marx  Opened the door to a “democratic” path.  Amsterdam Speech of 1872:  “The institutions, mores, and traditions of various countries must be
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