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POLI 1100

Politics and Economics Changing boundary between politics and economics (84) - Unavoidable trade-off because of deterritorialization - Limiting what States can do - Monopoly of law making power is increasing eroded by a kind of privatization - Privatization is undermining what the state intends to do - Corporations = quasi-states, also have to make political decisions - Democracy and market-capitalism are locked in a persistent conflict in which each modifies and limits the other. - Because market capitalism inevitably creates in equalities, it limits the democratic potential of polyarchal democracy by generating inequalities in the distribution of political resources. - Market-capitalism brought gains for some; but it also brought harm to others. - Suffrage highly restricted 1 - The political system provided opportunities for the effective expression of opposition to unregulated market-capitalism. - In no democratic country does market-capitalist economy exist without extensive government regulation and intervention to alter is harmful effects. - Because of inequalities in political resources, some citizens gain significantly more influence than others over the government’s policies, decisions, and actions. - Consequently, citizens are not political equals – and thus the moral foundation of democracy, political equality among citizens is seriously violated. - Market-capitalism greatly favours the development of democracy up the level of polyarchal democracy. But because of its adverse consequences for political equality, it is unfavourable to the development of democracy beyond the level of polyarchy. Market-capitalism is a powerful solvent of authoritarian regimes. It trans
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