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Political Science
POLI 1119

Basic Facts about Canada o Western Canada (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC) not original partners in federation o BC formed from older colonies while Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan founded from North West Territories and Rupert’s Land o Prairie Provinces initially had different constitutional powers than original members  Different constitutional relationship from the state than the other provinces  Did not have control over their natural resources like the other provinces  Federal govt. seen as trying to exploit prairie provinces for the east (purchased)  Regionalism o Their concerns often overshadowed by nationalist movement in Quebec  What is it? o Sense of distrust towards Ottawa  Ottawa is in Eastern Canada, far from Western Canada not just geographically  Concerns of Western Canada are not the concerns of Canadians living where the capital is located o Sense of neglect from Ottawa  Ottawa is going to look after the interests of Eastern Canada (Ontario & Quebec) o Sense that problems of Eastern Canada (read Ontario & Quebec) are of greater concern than those of West o Strongest in BC and Alberta  Most conservative provinces in Canada  Progressive – Prairies, Social Credit (CCF, NDP) – Western Canada o Ma
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