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Political Science
POLI 1119

Fundamental Principles of Canadian Regime o Federalism  Shared and self rule  Guides governance of the state – for example, selection of federal cabinet  Requires acceptance of difference within Canada  Describes how a rule should be ran – Normative  Looking after the best interests of their citizens (Prov. Govt. looks after their provincial)  Governance should be divided – no hierarchy between provincial and federal – they are co-equal  Federal govt. does not trump provincial govt. Both derive their authority from the central state.  Federal cabinet is regionally elected – representatives (Except PEI, it is small)  We constitutionalize the difference (unlike France, where everyone is equally French) o Democracy  Rule of and by the people  In Canada, representative democracy  Does not mean majority rule directly – indirectly though through constitutionalism  Governments don’t need a majority to win  The vast majority of the population agreeing with the system put in place is legitimate  We elect people to governance and they are free to exercise their discretion (They don’t work for us. We only assess their performance.)  We make sure processes are above and beyond reproach o Constitutionalism and the rule of law  Constitution granted special place
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