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Political Science
POLI 1119

Psychological Treatment: Sensate Focus (Developed by Masters and Johnson)  Stage 1 – take turns touching each others bodies, take as much time as they need just to see what it feels like to explore each other  Stage 2 – explore and expand to the breast and genitals; physical sensation, the person being touch will guide the touch-er of where they want to be touch  Stage 3 – not to have sex, most people say they can’t resist Specific Treatment for Specific Problems  The stop-start technique o Used to slow down male ejaculation  Directed masturbation o Most effective treatment for women with primary orgasmic disorder o Vibrators very effective  Kegel exercises o Used to strengthen PC muscle and enhance arousal and orgasm; specifically for female Choosing a Sex Therapist  There is no licensing for sex therapists  Some practitioners opt for certification, for example: o In Ontario, sex therapists can become certified through the Board of E
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