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Responsible Government What is Responsible Government? o Based on the British system of separation of powers o Executive and legislature are different o Executive is responsible to legislature o In theory, the executive is subordinate to the legislature (whereas in the US, the president has direct power over the people) o Executive is chosen from the parliament (Harper only had around 50- 60 thousand votes) o Monarch now a figurehead creating a separation of Head of State with Head of Government o The Crown does what its told; but they have residual powers o The Government General and Queen represent the Canadian state; Harper represents the government o In the US, Obama signs things, attends graduations etc. Takes away from his governing ability  allows for president to say that if you deny his power/challenge his decisions, you are unpatriotic/un- American  very different from Canada’s parliament system o Incorporates “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition”, a government in waiting, to act as check on government o The Westminster system of government is unique because they create an opposition within the government  to act as a check on the government o The state funds people who want to argue, discredit, throw down the government  “incredible” democratic check on the government Conventions of Responsible Government o The crown only acts on the advice of the ministers o The crown does what she’s told; the governor general does what he’s
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