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DIFFERENTIAL OPPORTUNITY THEORY · Developed by Cloward and Ohlin. · Rooted in Merton’s strain theory, differential associated and in the Chicago · Cloward was Merton’s student at Columbia; Ohlin was Sutherland’s student, and got his PhD from University of Chicago STATUS DISCONTENTMENT · Cloward and Ohlin talked about “status discontentment”. · What sort of illegitimate means are available if individuals lack access to legitimate means through which to achieve culturally valued goals? · How do delinquents choose one mode of adaptation over the other? ILLEGITIMATE OPPORTUNITY STRUCTURES · “Chicago School” addition to Merton’s strain theory · Chicago School said delinquent subcultures emerge where there are enough youths available to band together and reject conventional values. · Cloward and Ohlin described three different illegitimate opportunity structures (or delinquent subcultures) that were differentially available to would-be delinquents 1) THE CRIMIN
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