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Psych 100 th February 15 2013 Psychology affects Psychological distance affects obedience  doesn’t have to be physical distance, can be perceived distance  learner more distant, obedience increased  less distance, hold hand to shock plate, decreased obedience to 30% As the experimenter appears to be a more legitimate authority and/or is nearby, obedience increased  phoned or recorded instructions lead to decreased obedience to 21%  Belief in a just world: the world is a fair place, everything happens for a reason aka “just world hypothesis” sounds innocuous implication: blame on victim. People who are experiencing hardship must have done something to deserve it coping strategy: good to derive meaning from stressful events. However, doesn’t justify why you had to go through that event predictor of prejudice Manitoba Judge Robert Dewar, February 2011 rape case ruling blames the victim gave rapist weakest sentence ”victim sent signals that ‘sex was in the air’ through suggestive attire, flirtatious conduct on night of attack ”this is case of misunderstood signals … “ Prejudice: conclusion about a person, group of people or situation before evaluating evidence  key distinction: beliefs and attitudes  beliefs: bits o
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