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PSYC 1115

Psych 100 th January 25 2013 The Feeling Within  Alternatives to polygraphs: truth serums (just barbiturates which are relaxants but it’s still easy to lie and can cause memory distortion) guilty knowledge test (asking questions and measuring arousal like polygraph but has a low false positive rate. The way the questions are asked are different. Questions are not ‘yes-no’ but instead mc questions including details of the crime only the criminal would know, and measure physiological arousal looking for spikes when details mentioned)  Who do we find attractive? attraction refers to both romance and to friendship are they around? How frequently do we encounter them? Proximity matters. Repeated exposure leads to familiarity. “mere exposure effect”; if you show people a picture repeatedly they are more likely to like them. Proximity allows more opportunities to interact. Also, gives an opportunity for misattribution of arousal. are they similar to us (in important ways)? Being similar helps. Validates our views and we can anticipate and know what to expect from that person (views, actions, understanding). are they attractive? There are individual and cultural differences when comes to deciding who is or isn’t attractive; attraction is subjective. “average face”: symmetry. Most attractive women have higher estrogen levels, relating to fertility. do they engage with us (reciprocity)? The reciprocity norm: expect people to give
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